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[AND NEWS] AND 2012 Project <Fluid Boundaries> will release in South Korea|

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AND 2012 Project , < Fluid Boundaries >

directed by MUN Jeonghyun, Daniel Rudi HARYANTO, Vladimir TODOROVIC,

will release in South Korea on June 30th!


  < Fluid Boundaries >

In the area of Shinyeonlee in South Korea, people work next to the river on the border. Chinese, Indian, and Malay fishermen are fishing on the sea border in between Malaysia and Singapore. Ichan, who is a sailor in Indonesia tells us his story about the people that he transports from Indonesia to Singapore. In Singapore, foreign workers go to Malaysia to renew their employment passes. On the way back they remembered their relative who is working in Korea. Peter in Korea tells us stories about his travels and his life faraway from the family. After hearing various stories of the people who spend a lot of time near the borders, we question: how much do these people have in common even if they live in different places, and share different individual histories? Through the stories and lives of these people, a rigid structure like border becomes softer and liquid.