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Project Not in This World
Category Korean Project
Project Not in This World
Director PARK Jung Bum
Country South Korea
Director's Profile Following his first feature film The Journals of Musan (2010), Park Jung Bum has directed and produced One Week (2012), If You Were Me 6 - To Doo-Han (2012), and Alive (2014).
Mindful of his death, the father, Byeongdok told his son about the message from his great-great-grandfather. He said great-great-grandfather nephew′s cousin committed suicide by throwing herself into a reservoir because of the greed of great-great-grandfather. The cousin was born in reincarnation and she lives as a prostitute in seoul. So the son of Byeongdok, Jong-cheol goes to Seoul to find her.
Director's Note
How much time do people spend for other people′s lives? Is it possible to have the courage to reach out for others, and if so, how does it happen? There is cost to all salvation and we fear that. The film revolves around a man′s journey to overcome his fear and create a miracle called salvation. The journey is painful, sad, and unsuccessful, but the effects will eventually change the world and convince the audience that it is a human certification.
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