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Project I Carried You Home
Category Asian
Project I Carried You Home
Director Tongpong CHANTARANGKUL
Country Thailand
Director's Profile Tongpong CHANTARANGKUL received his BA in Motion Picture and Video from Rangsit University in 2001, and worked as colorist at post-production company, Soho Asia, for more than two years. He recently graduated from London Film School with an MA in Filmmaking. His graduation film, Wings of Blue Angels has just been selected for the 2008 Edinburgh Film Festival’s Trailblazing shorts program, the Taipei Film Festival’s competition section and several other film festivals. For this film, he worked in partnership with leading Thai production company, Local Color Films in his hometown of Bangkok. Since returning to Thailand, he has worked as an assistant director for television commercials, and is currently writing and preparing his first feature film, [I Carried You Home].
The film follows a journey back home taken by two sisters, Pinn and Pann, as they accompany their mother’s dead body. Their journey started when mother came from her small village in Southern Thailand to Bangkok to see Pann. Pann and her mother meet each other at a department store, and while Pann leaves her mother for a while to see her friend, mother gets into an accident and becomes unconscious. PANN hurries to call her sister, Pinn, who lives in Singapore, but Pinn cannot answer the phone because she is very busy at the moment. The next morning, mother finally passed away, and the sisters, who cannot be present at her death, head to the small village where their mother lived, with their mother’s dead body.
Director's Note
2008 World Film Festival Bangkok - selected for 3rd Produire au Sud Bangkok workshop
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