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Project Holy Cradle
Category Asian Project
Project Holy Cradle
Director Talgat ASYRANKULOV
Country Kyrgyz Republic
Director's Profile Talgat Asyrankulov Yob was born in 1962. A professional artistic producer, he graduated from the Soviet Union National Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. He is famous for his works as an Artistic Producer in many well-known films of the noted Kyrgyz and Kazakh Directors. In 2007 he debuted as a director with [Paradise Birds] (2006) a Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan co-production.
“Archa Beshik” means a holy cradle, which is symbolic for a nomadic culture. The scene of the film’s action is ironically named Archa Beshik, the urban-type community poisoned with radioactive wastes. The once prosperous village of the soviet strategic importance is neither a city, nor a village nowadays, but a phantom inherited after the collapse of the USSR. People who lost their jobs started leaving the village. Those who left and didn’t die from the difficult social situation or didn’t become alcoholics started digging the radioactive silicon burials in the tailing nearby the village. In the long run the spontaneous excavations turned into a well-organized business. Even the high rate of mortality among the diggers, the threat of being buried alive in the frequent obstructions, or death due to irradiation, did not stop the people.
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