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Project Tam Rasisalai
Category Asian Project
Project Tam Rasisalai
Director Pramote SANGSORN
Country Thailand
Director's Profile He was born in Thailand where he studied communication art and majored in advertising. He began starring in movies in 1990. His first short film was made in 2002 and he has directed award-winning films that have been screened at many international short film festivals.
Tam Rasisalai is a village in Srisaket province, northeast of Thailand. The villagers here rely on each other and set their own simple rules for the community. Natural elements such as sun, wind, rain and water, brought people together which soon formed a society. Villagers used only chains of grass to mark territory of their land for farming and living. One family has just lost their beloved son Tim, and his absence has brought sorrow to the whole family, especially his father. The dad can’t even work on the farm as usual. Tim has just disappeared, and no one has yet to find his dead body. One day Tim comes back to the family in the form of lizard. The father takes very good care of his lizard son. He gains the courage to work again and spending his days on the farm as usual, but ignoring the rest of the family. Meanwhile, Tai (Tim’s younger brother) can’t stop dreaming of leaving the village for a better life. Where all this will end? Which direction is it heading? Everything seems to be blurry in Tam Rasisalai.
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