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Project Citizen in Wonderland
Category Korean Project
Project Citizen in Wonderland
Director YOON Seong-ho
Country Korea
Director's Profile Yoon made [If I Wear a Sword in the Stone] (2004), [Seongho, the Right Wing Boy] (2004), [Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now] (2005), and [Portfolio] (2006) – which were short and medium-length films that seem like film dramas, but also like documentaries. After making his feature film [Milky Way Liberation Front] in 2007, he believed himself to be a filmmaker of much promise, yet, he is employed only in omnibus films such as [If You Were Me 4] (2009) and [Short! Short! Short! 2009] (2009). However, that does not stop him from dreaming about film.
Sung-ho, a lower middle class man in his early thirties, works at a company that develops mobile phone components. There is nothing special about him except for the fact that he was once a child actor. During lunch, he plays kickball with his colleagues, and during work, he contemplates whether he should put in some tips in the mobile component. After work he happily downloads American soap operas, and leads a simple life with his girlfriend Cha-eun. However, when he is appointed to advertising the company changes his life completely. Little by little, Sung-ho believes that he is one of the chosen few. Such absurd thoughts start to affect his life.
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