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2009 Script Development Fund Projects

Project Evaporated
Category Korean Project
Project Evaporated
Director KIM Gok, KIM Sun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in Incheon in 1978, Kim Gok and Kim Sun work in Seoul. The two have been working together ever since their film [Anti-Dialectic] (2001) and [Capitalist Manifesto] (2003) were screened at the Venice Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival. For a while they tried to translate social and speculative brain structure into cinematic language, but after the human rights project [Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!] (2006), they became interested in expressing their formal concerns into emotions. As seen in [Exhausted] (2008), which was screened at PIFF and Rotterdam Film Festival, and awarded at SIFF and the Syracuse Film Festival, they are improving their skills in expressing emotion, politics, and metaphysics. They also strive to distill images, as seen in [Suicidal Variations] (2007) and [Digression/Degression] (2009).
On the anniversary of a baby’s death, the rainy spell starts.
Director's Note
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