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Project The Southern Route
Category Asian Project
Project The Southern Route
Director Yogi D. SUMULE
Country Indonesia
Director's Profile After getting his batchelor’s in Information Technology from Gunadarma University in 1997, Yogi, who has long wanted to make films on the obscure and forgotten aspects of culture in Indonesia, went to study film at KvB College and Northern Sydney Institute, Australia. Since returning to Indonesia in 2002, Yogi has been involved in films, music videos, commercials, and documentaries in various capacities; as director (Short films 1:0 and Baik!, music videos, behind the scene documentary for the film Radit & Jani, video profiles for The National Nuclear Power Agency and Department of Labor and Transmigration), assistant director (music videos, the film Ruang by Teddy Soeriatmaja), as well as producer. In 2008 he founded Aduan Productions with Suma Adiwinata, to help independent Indonesian musicians gain recognition through quality videos and profiles.
Romli, 36, is an Auto-Rickshaw driver in Jakarta. He works around a crowded textile market. He’s been doing this for 5 years, to support his wife, Azizah and 16-year-old daughter, Syarifah back in Madura. He’s a relatively honest man, aside from occasionally hiking fares to gullible passengers. He’s never stolen, robbed, or hurt anyone intentionally unless they hurt him first. He holds firmly to the Madurese tradition of honor, respect, and justice, which is why the events to unfold will change his life. One day, he receives a text message on a friend’s cell-phone from Azizah saying that Syarifah is pregnant, and the boy responsible won’t take responsibility. She asks that Romli come home and resolve this matter. Instantly, Romli decides that there is only one thing to do: get to Madura, force this boy to marry Syarifah or kill him for the sake of his daughter’s honor.
Director's Note
Despite Indonesia’s reputation for friendliness, there are dark sides to many of the cultures found here; where violence is a way of preserving honor, not just a means of survival. The Southern Route questions the violence that is often considered to be the proper solution in solving matters where honor, family, and tribe are disrespected. The Southern Route simply offers an observation of the issues and allows the audience to draw their own conclusions. We intend to juxtapose the beauty of Indonesia against the image of the Bajaj auto-rickshaw as a representation of the “loud” and brazen stubbornness in facing the imposing realities of existence in modern Indonesia.
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