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Project The Rainbow (Raduga)
Category Asian Project
Project The Rainbow (Raduga)
Director Yolkin TUICHIEV
Country Uzbekistan
Director's Profile A screenwriter and a director, Yolkin Tuichiev was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on the 1st of November, 1977. He has studied directing and screenwriting in Tshkent and Moscow. His feature film Spring (2006) for which he wrote the script and directed, won the Grand Prix at the Moscow Film Festival that year. His films The Teenager (2004) and Silence (2008) were shown in Nantes 3 Continents Film Festival and Moscow Film Festival. He has just finished working on his most recent feature, P.S.
Khamdam, a fifteen-year old boy, is a wonderful drawer. Yet it never occurs to any of the adults to ask Khamdam, why of all the colors, he prefers only black. Like all teenagers he keeps company with a group of boys like him, and the street gives him the experience of life. Khamdam is left to himself; the adults just can’t reach him. The boy creates his own system of values and determines what’s good and what’s bad in this life. While growing up, his attention is increasingly drawn to his sister’s girlfriend Yulduz. It seems to Khamdam that the friendship between the girls turns into something more and, in his opinion , unnatural. And he finds it necessary to save his sister from the temptation. What motivates him – jealousy, envy or revenge? In what darkness of his soul was born the desire to kill?
Director's Note
We are used to looking at the world in colors. But Khamdam, the hero of my film, is color blind. Everything that happens around him seems black and white to him. Khamdam doesn’t tell anybody about it but the people around him don’t even ask why the talented boy only uses a black pencil for drawing and totally ignores all the bright colours•••. The whole world can be divided into two sides; black and white. White consists of all the spectral colours but black just means that there’s no light in this very place. So the malformations of the human soul are hidden in places where no light falls. And I decided to look into these places where envy, jealousy and revenge live.
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