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Project POWWOW
Category Korean Project
Project POWWOW
Director AHN Seul-ki
Country Korea
Director's Profile Ahn Seul-ki directed a few short films including Not Love (2002). His full-length debut, Five is Too Many (2005) was screened at the Pusan International Film Festival and received favorable reviews in the country and abroad. Since then, he constantly challenged new style of films and directed My Song Is... (2007) and How to Live on Earth (2008). Despite an identity crisis between school teacher (he has been teaching mathematics at Seoul Broadcasting high school) and director, he is making thorough with his fourth feature-length film.
It is one of those insanely hot and muggy days. Tae-Soo runs a small snack cart turning to drinking without any will. While chopping green onion, he cuts his finger. With his finger bleeding, Tae-soo looks up the deserted street. Through the shimmering heat waves, he sees Hyeon-jeong walking, who reminds him of his runaway wife. Out of nowhere, he stabbed her to death. Ta da! There show up Young-joo (Hyeon-jeong’s daughter) dressed up as an Indian girl and Seok-min (Tae-soo’s son) as a pirate. They are looking for trouble roaming around the town disturbed after the factory shut down. Desperate to restore town’s image, the Town Redevelopment Committee begins to lower the boom on children for their misbehaving.
Director's Note
Rules of the game - competitiveness and efficiency. While the sun glares down on us, someone dies, someone kills the others and someone is going crazy. Mother is incompetent and father is helpless. All they can do is fly an old flag in the chimney, run helter-skelter or cater to the Sun. Will there be any hope? Who can tell? At least I hope their children rise from their humble beginnings. Their innocence might teach the elders some valuable lessons.
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