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Project Strange Attractor
Category Korean Project
Project Strange Attractor
Director Inan
Country Korea
Director's Profile INAN graduated from Dankook University majoring in cinema. His short film, Swing Diary (1996) won the Excellence Award at the Seoul Independent Film Festival and was invited to the Busan International Film Festival in 1997. He also directed several short films including 7am, Slowly: Opposite page, Rare Dream, Amnesia 11518405, and Bitch & Asshole. Then he turned into a photographer. But after a 8-year hiatus, he returned to films and made his first feature-length film Ordinary Days in 2010.
A young man’s ID and fingerprints are found at the crime scene. He becomes the prime suspect and the police works on finding a conclusive evidence. However, witness testimonies contradicts with one another. In order to solve the case, the detective joins forces with a mathematician who once served as a criminal profiler. The mathematician receives a strange letter sent from the address of the crime scene and soon after another body is found. By the time when the duo narrows down the search for suspects, the prime suspect gets arrested.
Director's Note
Strange Attractor is a story about finding ‘him’ with the help of people who remember the incident, with the people who were investigating the case and with the memories of the incident itself. A mathematician uses mathematical theory to solve a serial killer case and Investigator follows the scientific reasoning based on the crime scene reports. As the testimonies overlap and conflict with one another, they start to find order in chaos. As they start to put the pieces of testimonies and evidences together, they trace back to the suppress and unwanted memories of people, inside lies the maleficent convenience and the uncomfortable truth.
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