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Project New Girl
Category Korean Project
Project New Girl
Director LEE Jee-heng
Country Korea
Director's Profile Lee Jee-heng majored in biology at Ewha Woman’s University and studied filmmaking in California Institute of the Arts. She began her career as a continuity girl in the film A Tale Of Two Sisters. Funded by Cine21-Kokak, her short film To The Spring Mountain was invited to various international film festivals including Busan International Film Festival and International Women's Film Festival in Seoul. Her second short film, Tiger Project (2004), was supported by Korean Film Council and won the Audience Award at Resfest Digital Film Festival. Lee is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in film theory at Chung Ang University.
Workaholic and a neat freak, Jin-kyung works in an advertising agency. During a staff meeting, Jin-kyung saw her husband with another woman on the television broadcast of a baseball game. And 2 years later, she divorced her husband. To make matters worse, her parents want to kick her out of the house and at work she’s re-assigned to a less-important job in media division. She has a mortgage to pay herself so she can’t quit her job. Jin-kyung gets to work on a new project with a new client Jeong-ah. Seeing this young newbie, Jin-kyung recalls her early days at work and starts to like Jeong-ah. Then one day, Jin-kyung finds out her project partner is engaged to her ex-husband…
Director's Note
What happens to a divorcée when her ex’s fiancée comes into her life all of a sudden? This undesirable coincidence tears her inner peace into pieces and echoes of her past brutally stir her mind, which end up causing her to make a stupid mistake. Then she realizes all these incidents are part of growing up. It’s the end of an era. In order to grow up, it seems that you'll inevitably have to deal with the last thing you want. Good luck to all those who overcome the unfortunate event of divorce and grow from it.
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