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2012 Projects

2012 Script Development Fund Projects

Project The Only Fault
Category Korean Project
Project The Only Fault
Director LEE HyunJu
Country Korea
Director's Profile LEE studied filmmaking in Graduate School of Dankook University. She made several short films including Marry me, Her Play, I Went to the Sea. LEE’s short Private Lesson received the best short film award from KT&G SangsangMadang in 2005. Her 2010 work Distance was invited to Great Short Film Festival, Seoul LGTB Film Festival and Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum. Lee continues to make films about women and minorities.
Detective Song lives a fairly good life in his second marriage. One day, his son, who he had with his ex-wife comes to see him from abroad. The detective inevitably spends time with his long lost son, but his son seems more like a stranger to him. Song senses that there is something missing in his life. His son has a fascination with feminine clothing and acts more feminine than girls. Song finds excuses to stay late at work just to avoid being with his son. Meanwhile, he investigates the death of a professor. She was expecting her baby with her husband of two years. What is the truth of her death?
Director's Note
Parents and children may share a genetic disposition. But children have their own personalities and characteristics that parents can't change or control and vice versa. Parents’ being happy doesn’t necessarily mean their kids are happy. And too much devotion to their children would make parents’ lives painful. Nevertheless, we keep silent in the name of family values. The tragedy lies in reaching the goal - happiness for everyone. Once we accept differences, we would be getting closer to each other. This is all about respecting each other's differences.
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