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Project Twenty Years Old
Category Korean Project
Project Twenty Years Old
Director PARK Riwoong
Country Korea
Director's Profile PARK Riwoong completed the graduate course in direction at School of Film, TV & Multimedia, Korea National University of Arts. With his short film (2008), he showed the pains suffered by Daechuri residents who had no choice but to accept resignation as their fate in life. Through the film (2008), he tried to give support to the youth that has no need to despair even without a dream. He also worked as assistant director in the U.S.-Korea co-production film, (2013). In 2012, he worked in the video production team of the presidential candidate MOON Jae-in's camp, where he planned, shot, and produced around 150 video clips.
Having a dragon tattooed on her arm, Hae-young just turned 20 years old. Unafraid of anything, her only problem is her father, KU Bon-jin. The owner of a successful Chinese restaurant, her father falls into a coma after hitting two people while driving a car that he stole. While Hae-young was off her guard thinking that he'll soon wake up, she finds out that her father's restaurant is turned over to a certain honeymoon couple after 2 weeks of the accident. Bon-jin's condition suddenly turns worse and they wait for the doctors to declare him brain dead. The young couple who were injured in the accident demands a settlement payment. While Hae-young tries to make a settlement with the victims as quickly as she could, she begins to suspect that they might be insurance fraud criminals, but the police have already concluded this case as a case of her father's attempted suicide. Refusing to believe that her father would do that, leaving behind her and her younger brother, she goes to meet with CEO Mr. CHOI who is the owner of the stolen car as well as the real owner of the Chinese restaurant. There, Hae-young finally becomes aware of the lies and the truths that her ordinary father had to endure and to put up with.
Director's Note
In a video arcade, I once saw a mother riding the motorcycle racing game machine. She had her baby wrapped in a light blue cloth on her back, and she was charging on with an expression that seemed like she was speeding on the most rugged track in the world. She was riding towards some place, and, at the same time, she was running away from some place. Whatever it was, did she win that race? This story follows a 20-year-old girl who chose violence from her childhood and lived by it, even tattooing such history on her body. This is a story about how the weak young thing who had to tattoo that on her body, fights against the world that made her tattoo such a history on her body. I hope that she comes to realize that you cannot win just with anger and violence. And, I pray for her victory.
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