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Project The Days Not Yet Come
Category Korean Project
Project The Days Not Yet Come
Director SIN Yiee Soo
Country Korea
Director's Profile SIN Yiee Soo was born in Seoul in 1981 and graduated Hanyang University's Film Department and the School of Film, TV & Multimedia, Korea National University of Arts. Her short film (2013) received Best Film Award at Seoul Independent Film Festival. Her film (2012) won Best Short Feature Film Award at Jeonju International Film Festival. Also, she has directed many short films including (2010), (2010), (2006), and (2005).
KIM Myung-ho runs small beauty shop in New Jersey, U.S.A. His wife, CHOI Yeon-ja, has to return to Korea after 20 years in order to attend a family funeral. Since he had to give her a ride to the airport, he is late to attend his son Hyun-seok's recital. His eldest daughter, Hyun-su, isn't in a good mood because she had to take a taxi after when her colleague, Michael, had broken his promise to accompany her. Hyun-su is a nurse at the state public hospital. The recital becomes a mess when Hyun-seok's friend, Issac, makes a scene having a grudge against his Taiwanese girlfriend, Sue, who won't take his calls. While Myung-ho tries to comfort his disappointed son, he gets a call saying that JANG, his colleague for a long time, had collapsed while arranging stock alone in the beauty shop. Since that day, the family members of KIM Myung-ho, a first generation immigrant, are each faced with their own strange changes in their lives. Myung-ho finds Sun-myung refreshing. She is the new temp who'll be filling in for JANG. Hyun-seok is in a difficult situation having unwillingly gotten in between Issac and Sue after the recital mess. In Korea where things have changed beyond recognition, Yeon-ja conducted her aunt's funeral as the chief mourner and has a brief encounter with SHIN Duk-geun who was a miner dispatched to Germany. They were in Germany at the same time when Yeon-ja was a nurse dispatched to Germany. Hyun-su unexpectedly spends the night together with CHOI Min-su, a childish college student about Hyun-su's age, who is on vacation from Korea. On the day of Yeon-ja's return from Korea, the whole family gathers together in a very long time, each having their own little secrets and lies. That night, it rains hard and Pastor JANG of the Korean church is murdered.
Director's Note
When our world isn't working properly, there are things that can't be understood even when you look closely inside them. I thought maybe the broken parts are not readily visible because we all feel confident that we know everything. The first generation of immigrants are people who have recreated their homeland in a land far away from their homeland. Maybe we could see our broken parts better over there. Those broken values such as the so-called 'family' and 'love.'
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