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Project Blue Wind Blows (WT:SMOKE ON THE WATER)
Category Asian Project
Project Blue Wind Blows (WT:SMOKE ON THE WATER)
Director TOMINA Tetsuya
Country Japan
Director's Profile Tomina Tetsuya was born in Hokkaido Japan and went to the UK to learn filmmaking at the London Film School after finishing his engineering degree in 1995. His London-made short Something Secondary was invited to festivals that included the 12th BBC British Short Film Festival and 7th CAMERIMAGE (Poland). His Japan-made short At the Last Stop Called Ghost Chimney was selected for the 18th Busan International Film Festival’s Wide Angle-Asian Shorts Competition, won the best Asian short “BLENCONG AWARDS” in 8th JOGJA-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (Indonesia). It was also invited to other events such as the 28th FRIBOURG International Film Festival (Switzerland), ZINEBI 55 (Spain) and 25th YUBARI International Fantastic Film Festival (Japan).
The father vanished, gone missing for years with no obvious reason. His son Takeshi is 12 years old, once lively, has now been lonely and alienated from others. Whether or not the father lives, Takeshi and his remaining family mother and younger brother live daily with anxiety and fear. One day a transfer student girl “Sayoko” shows up at Takeshi’s elementary school. Parentless Sayoko comes to this little town to be a foster child. As time passes, they become closer as if gravitated and Takeshi feels safe with her. But, sudden tragedy strikes Takeshi, Sayoko is abandoned by her foster parents over some trivial troubles and sent back to an orphanage. They are torn apart and unable to see each other. Some days later, a rumor comes to him that Sayoko has died. His pent-up anger explodes. After Takeshi calms down, he finds himself impulsively holding a knife at Sayoko’s foster parents. As if running away from everything, Takeshi desperately heads to the sea to find a place that his father liked and where legend has it that a mirage connects this world and the other.
Director's Note
Without any sign, a person you love vanishes right in front of you. Death could be the most violent event in life. On March 11, 2011, Japan was devastated by huge earthquake, and many people suddenly lost their lives. How do people who are left alive get over their enormous sense of loss? The answer would not be found easily. The world is sometimes irrationally unreasonable and so tough to live in. But yet we all have to walk on our lives. I think it is a mystery of life. This project is a story of the family whose father has suddenly gone missing for no obvious reason. Through this project, I would like to depict how a family left behind deals with conflict over people around them, themselves, the invisible presence of their father and overcome obstacles over the course.
Berlinale 2018 Generation Kplus
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