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Category Asian Project
Director Kim Quy BUI
Country Vietnam
Director's Profile Bui Kim Quy was born in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. She has written and directed the following scripts and short films: Mattress (sponsored by the Ford Foundation in 2002 - Golden Kite Prize for Best Short Film in 2003); Why is There No Moon in the Daytime? (sponsored by the Medical Committee of Netherlands in 2006); Angel of Dreams (sponsored by the Ford Foundation in 2005); 35mm Passed The New Year’s Eve (sponsored by the Ford Foundation in 2006). Cinematic scripts: RH108; Love Puzzle; Dream State; Piggyback, The Inseminator. The Inseminator is the first feature-length film by director and scriptwriter Bui Kim Quy. The film is 87 minutes in length. It premiered at the 12th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) and won the Best Film Photography award inthe ASEAN International Film Festival & Awards 2015 and received 3 nominations.
Mr. Tuong returns to his hometown, looking for a tree to mourn Mrs. Me, his ex-wife. However, because he can't recall what her face looks like, he gets stuck inside the garden with all the memories. Wanting to set himself free, he forces himself to remember all the things he has forgotten. The most prominent image that finally emerges is that of his departed wife. Meanwhile, Mrs. Moc Mien, the current lover living with Mr. Tuong in the city, worries that Mr. Tuong will never come back. She fears being forgotten. Mrs. Moc Mien seeks her own death so that her spirit will forever stay in Mr. Tuong’s flesh. Mr. Tho and Mrs. Thi are the only old married couple still living in the village. They have a cellphone which is almost out of battery. The couple waits for their children to call and tell them about their lives in the city. Day by day, the two take care of the houses that have been spiritually abandoned to ensure the souls of the dead will have a place to come back. When Mr. Tho passes away, Mrs. Thi decides to keep his body. They have an understanding that they will meet each other again beyond this world.
Director's Note
The image of a woman being alone whether she's in love or not is another inspiration for me. As the famous Vietnamese songwriter Trinh Cong Son once wrote: “In this world there is only bondage and love. Bondage is limited, while love knows no boundaries. We shall find ways to nurture love so it could release the bondage hung on the cross of this life.” If someone is looking for a moral lesson in my film, they would be disappointed. But if some audience members are looking for the meaning of love in the story, they might gain much more than that.
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