Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2003 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Taxi Blues
Category YoungSan Fund
Project Taxi Blues
Director CHOIHA Dongha
Country Korea
Director's Profile He was a member of a cinematheque 'Film Gongbang' in 1994 and completed documentary titled [A Short Film about Lovelornness] in 1996. [High Hill](2003) was screened in PIFF and Cinéma du Réel in France.
A documentary director who became a taxi driver to make a living has the blues, and this film explores his life. On one side are sketches of people from all walks of life getting into the cab and the indifferent – at times tiring – conversations with them. On the other side is the façade of the city called Seoul as seen from the inside of a taxi. As the confined images of the CCTV collide with the images that try to escape from it, the exhaustion of the taxi driver is shown.
Director's Note
2005 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
2005 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2005 CJ Asia Independent Film Festival
2006 Syracuse International Film and Video Festival - Best Film from Asia
2006 Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival
2007 Fribourg International Film Festival (Switzerland)
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