Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2006 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project My Sweet Baby
Category David Young Fund
Project My Sweet Baby
Director RYU Mi Rye
Country Korea
Director's Profile Joined Purn Production in 1998. RYU made her first documentary [I Am Happy] (2000) which won Special Mention at Persons with Disabilities Film Festival (Seoul, Korea). In the following year, her film [Happy Friends] was acclaimed the Best Film among middle-length films at Korean Independent Short Film Festival (currently known as Seoul Independent Film Festival). In 2003, her documentary project, [Life Goes On] received the 2nd Documentary Ockrang Award of Women`s Film Festival in Seoul. After completing it in 2004, she received the `Woman Filmmaker of the Year Award.`
After 5 years of maternal leave, I came back to my workplace. However, as soon as I started to work, seated in my office and even at the moment when I chat with my colleagues over lunch, the childcare workers, like my past self, suffer from inflammation of the bladder because they have no time to go to the bathroom after a hasty meal that only resolves the immediate hunger. With only the changes in people, this absurd system is still being operated without any changes made. Just because I came out of that lonely place, this absurd system is not something that can be ignored. And that`s how this long journey began where the childcare workers, my child and I can all become happy.
Director's Note
While low birthrate is surfacing as a national issue and although enormous amount of money is allotted to the nation`s childcare budget, the reality faced by biological mothers and childcare workers who are in charge of childcare at the deep bottom of the society is perplexing. The widespread misconception that childcare work can automatically be taken care of with just `love` and the splendid shackles in the name of motherhood have promoted women to be mysterious beings who are beyond the mundane world. For the bright future for childcare workers, I embark on a journey in which I can form solidarity with all the mothers in the world.
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