Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2006 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Unnie
Category Dong-Eui Cinema Fund
Project Unnie
Director KYE Un-Kyoung
Country Korea
Director's Profile In 1994, KYE made a 16mm short film titled [I Am in the Mirror]. For a year from 1996, she directed a number of programs including [Stereotype of Asian] for PBS. With [Pansy & Ivy] (2001), she received Best Documentary Award at the Annual Daejong Film Festival, NETPAC Award at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, `Woman Filmmaker of the Year` in the field of documentary, Best Film Award at Korean Independent Short Film Festival(current Seoul Independent Film Festival), and was aired on KBS Independent Film Theater, a national TV program. Recently made with a grant from the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family, [My Choice, Family] was the Closing Film at Independent Film Festival MADE IN BUSAN and was invited to Seoul Independent Documentary Festival and Pusan Human Rights Film Festival.
The year of 2006 marks the second year since the sex-trafficking and prostitution prevention law came into effect. What has become of the enormous sex industry in Korean society? Where are the women inside the industry? Having been a red-light district from the days under the rule of Japanese imperialism, Wanwol-dong is Busan`s biggest gathering place of sex-trafficking and prostitution. Right next to it, there are women who reach out to the women in sex-trafficking and prostitution. Along with the activists of `Sallim,` a support NGO for the women in sex-trafficking and prostitution, these `unnies(sisters)` have started their long marathon toward no sex-trafficking and prostitution. Made possible with the existence of sex-trafficking and prostitution prevention law, we carefully ask these unnies who have been hidden behind our society about their side of the story.
Director's Note
[Unnie] hopes to induce a change in the public mind for prevention of sex-trafficking and prostitution and in the public awareness of women in sex-trafficking and prostitution. I will persuasively assert on why sex-trafficking and prostitution should be prevented by presenting plausible grounds through the voices of women in sex-trafficking and prostitution as well as the consulting activists who work at the very place of sex-trafficking and prostitution. Furthermore, with the combination of real-life images with animations, a sophisticated artistic effect will be attempted by expanding the form of documentary.
2007 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle

2008 Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival

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