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2006 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Sona, the Other Myself
Category OKF Fund
Project Sona, the Other Myself
Director YANG Yonghi
Country Japan
Director's Profile Born in Osaka, Yonghi YANG is a second-generation Korean who was raised in Japan. After graduating from Department of Literature, Korea University in Tokyo, she obtained MA from the graduate school of New School University in New York. Formerly a teacher, an actress, and a radio DJ, she started to introduce documentary works from 1995. Also, she actively worked for TV Asahi`s news program called `News Station` by gathering news materials and appearing in the program. The director`s debut documentary film [Dear Pyongyang] was screened in the Wide Angle section at 10th Pusan International Film Festival.
YANG Sona was born in Pyongyang. She is 13 years old. She studies English at Junior High School of Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies. Sona is the director`s niece. Her father is a Korean who was born in Japan. He came to North Korea when he was 18 through the `homecoming` project where many Koreans living in Japan moved to North Korea. Upon meeting Sona, Yonghi (the director) gets the impression as if she`s meeting her younger self. From that day, the communication between Yonghi and Sona began.
Director's Note
Sona is an ordinary girl living in Pyongyang of North Korea. While recording over 10 years the private life of Sona and her family, the director regards Sona as like `her other self` and weaves the story with images and narration. Furthermore, the film will show the `daily life of ordinary people living in Pyongyang` that is hidden behind North Korea`s political system.
2009 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
2010 Berlin International Film Festival - Forum
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