Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2006 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project At Journey
Category Pusan Bank Fund
Project At Journey
Director Chao GAN
Country China
Director's Profile Born in 1978. Bachelor degree in Literature, Fudan University, and Master degree, Department of Drama, Bristol University of England. Since 2001, the director made a number of documentaries including [More or One], [Entrance to Solitude](Silver Award, 2004 China Documentary Award), and [Come and Dance Burka]. Of these, [Last House Standing] won Best Documentary Award at 2005 China Documentary Award and was shown by ARTE, PBS and other international media groups under license.
The protagonist of the documentary is Bing, born in 1982. After the break up of his family he tried to investigate the divorce to discover who is to blame. However, after seeing evidence of both parents` infidelity he was shattered. In order to understand why his parents ended up the way they did, Bing took a journey to his parent`s hometowns. During the long journey he gained a deeper understanding of his parents` lives and discovered that history played a heavy hand in the making of his parents` tragedy.
Director's Note
Through this documentary we shall understand the dangers and challenges facing today`s traditional Chinese family, and their historical causes. At the same time we will also see people`s helplessness and loneliness in today`s society as well as their struggle to maintain the dignity of life.
2007 Pusan International Film Festival

2008 Punto de Vista - Documentary Film Festival of Navarra - AND Special Program

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