Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2006 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Yasukuni
Category DongSeo Asia Fund, Kodak Fund
Project Yasukuni
Director Ying LI
Country China, Japan
Director's Profile Born in 1963. Ying LI began directing documentary films for CCTV in 1984. He went to Japan in 1989 to carry out research on principles of visual anthropology. In 1993, he co-founded Dragon Film Inc. to create both TV programs and film productions. His first film [2H] was made in 1998. It was the first Chinese-directed film shot in Japan. Also, it received NETPAC Award at 1999 Berlin Film Festival and FIPRESCI Award at 2000 Hong Kong Film Festival. Since then he has worked on films that are integration of documentary and feature films in both Japan and China. In 2003, his film [Dream Cuisine](2003) was invited to Berlin Film Festival and received the Marseille Esperance Award at Marseille International Documentary Film Festival. His latest film [Mona Lisa] (2005) received the Humanitarian Award Special Mention at 2006 Hong Kong Film Festival.
Acknowledged as the altar of war for the Tennos, Yasukuni Shrine has always been the most controversial thing in Japan, providing a strong fortress for the `Spirit of Japan` from the Meiji, where the fights have been seen and heard from time to time. Focusing on the conflicts and contradictions, this documentary tells some stories about Yasukuni Shrine, trying to look inside into the shrine. It runs around four hours long, consisting of four parts: `Summer`, `Autumn`, `Winter` and `Spring`.
Director's Note
In my films, I`ve been concerned about how human beings face the question of life and death from different aspects. The Yasukuni Shrine is a big stage to enshrine the living and the dead for wars, where I see various memory and oblivion of wars and a huge mask for wars. The specter of war has never stopped approaching human beings. In this film which I have been making during the last nine years, I would like to track and record the specter through the Yasukuni Shrine.
2007 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle

2008 Sundance Film Festival - World Documentary Competition

2008 Berlin International Film Festival - Forum

2008 Punto de Vista - Documentary Film Festival of Navarra - AND Special Program

2008 HKIFF - Humanitarian Award for Best Documentary

2008 theatrical release in Japan

2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival
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