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2006 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project The Old Fool Who Moved the Mountains (愚公移山)
Category PUFS Fund
Project The Old Fool Who Moved the Mountains (愚公移山)
Director Joanna Vasquez ARONG
Country Philippines, China
Director's Profile After working in various fields around the world including finance (Deutsche Bank, Asia-Pacific) and economic development (United Nations, Bangkok, Beijing & NY; Asian Development Bank, Manila), Joanna ARONG started working with documentaries concentrating on social issues-related stories in the Philippines. She moved to Beijing in 2002 and is presently freelancing, pursuing stories on the dynamic changes taking place in Beijing and its effects on society. Her works include a short experimental documentary, [The Temple], which was invited to the 55th Melbourne International Film Festival and 26th Hawaii International Film Festival as well as the 4th Berlinale Talent Campus. Her latest work, [Lao Shan, Lao Yin (Old Mountains, Old Shadows)] (2006) was selected as the Best Experimental Documentary for the International Documentary Challenge. Currently, she is editing her feature-length documentary [Neolounge].
The Old Fool Who Moved the Mountains (愚公移山) refers to an ancient Chinese fable of an old man coined a fool for attempting to move the mountain that blocked the path in front of his house. He determinedly digs a small amount every day and with perseverance eventually manages to move this mountain. Yugong Yishan is also the name of a small, non-descript bar, owned by a Chinese musician Gouzi, and is located in the middle of a parking lot surrounded by old apartment blocks in the heart of Beijing. Gouzi`s vision is to create a thriving independent music scene in Beijing and he only promotes original live music in his bar. This is not an easy task in Beijing, a city in the midst of reinvention, which is often yielding to conformity, including flashy bars and cover bands for Western music.
Director's Note
It is often easier to conform to society`s norms and pressure. When I meet people with the spirit of individualism who take risks and defy these norms to pursue a vision, they leave me with more hope. Gouzi to me is the Old Fool and he is slowly chipping away at his mountain. It leaves me to wonder which mountains should we be moving?
2008 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle

2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival

2008 Cinemanila International Film Festival (Manila)


2009 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Documentary Films in Competition

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