Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2006 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Big Girl Little Girl and a Guy in Between-episode2
Category UniKorea Fund
Project Big Girl Little Girl and a Guy in Between-episode2
Director SEO Dong-Il
Country Korea
Director's Profile After working at a telecommunication company for 6 years, SEO started to make documentary films from 2004. His first documentary film [Pink Palace] which dealt with disabled people`s sexuality was invited to Seoul Independent Documentary Festival (SIDoF). After making [Big Girl Little Girl and a Guy in Between-episode1] which is about the director`s own family, he is currently preparing the production of its second episode.
Hyunshil JANG CHA (Age 43) draws comics that are mostly about woman and about disability. Dong-Il SEO (Me, Age 36) is a documentary director who is 7 years younger than her. Eunhye JUNG (Age 17) is our daughter with the down syndrome and Eunbaek SEO (Age 2) is our youngest son who just turned two. These are my family members. Through [Big Girl Little Girl and a Guy in Between-episode1], I have shown the happy side of my family during the past 2 years. In [… episode2], the intensified tension within the family will unfold.
Director's Note
My family`s daily life is faced with the prejudiced opinions about disability, age, and gender. Through ingenuous expression of each family member`s psyche, I will show how such prejudices affect the life and mind of my family members. Also, I hope to show my family`s own way of life in trying to overcome them.
2007 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle

2008 ETNOFILM Cadca 2008 – Competition

2008 Seoul International Family Film Festival

2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival
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