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2007 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Jalanan (Streetside)
Category Pusan Bank Fund
Project Jalanan (Streetside)
Director Daniel ZIV
Country Indonesia
Director's Profile Daniel Ziv has worked in Jakarta as writer, photographer, magazine editor and humanitarian aid worker, and has devoted much of the past 8 years to professionally documenting urban life in Indonesia’s bustling capital city. He founded and edited the popular monthly ‘Jakarta! -The City Life Magazine’, and is author of the critically acclaimed book ‘Jakarta inside out’, an Indonesian bestseller, as well as the follow-up volume, ‘Bangkok inside out’. He has also presented TV travel segments on Jakarta for Discovery Channel’s Globe Trekker Series and for Malaysia’s Noodle Box Production.
"Jalanan"(Streetside) is a feature length musical documentary that tells the captivating story of Boni, Ho and Titi . three talented, charismatic bus musicians in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jalanan accompanies the three characters as they perform songs of social angst on commuter buses, debate politics and crime by the roadside and flee from their sewage underpass home during a monsoon flash flood. The documentary follows them back to their distant home villages in East Java and exposes the injustices and dangers they face in their adopted city.
Director's Note
One of the most unique aspects of Jakarta street life is the ubiquitous presence of bus musicians who perform on commuter buses across the city. Many of these young entertainers are bona fide homeless street kids who literally sing for their supper. Others are bored, unemployed youth with roofs over their heads for whom street busking represents extra income or even true musical ambition. Either way, their world is a powerful Jakarta sub-culture in its own right, with rules and a language of its own. It is a world closely intertwined with local politics, society, culture, and economics. A neat little microcosm that speak volumes about what makes Indonesian society tick in a tumultuous age.
2009 Independent Television Services - 'International Call' Funding
2009 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
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