Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2007 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project My Camera and Tsunami
Category PUFS Fund
Project My Camera and Tsunami
Director Venkatramani RAMAKRISHNAN
Country India
Director's Profile Venkatramani RAMAKRISHNAN is a well known cinematographer, who also makes his own independent documentaries. He etablished a very unique style of his own, which has been recogized both in India and abroad. He considers all his films as exploration into the various facets of expression. His films and retrospectives have been presented in many international film festivals.
The film shares several special moments that the filmmaker has experienced with his camera, a special bonding that he reached over a period of 4 years in creating cinematic imagery and making several of his films. The documentary is a memory of his camera which saved his life during Tsunami, but perished along with its last filmed footage; its last recorded image is now a matter of fiction, an elusive image or multiple possibilities.
Director's Note
On 26th December 2004, when the Tsunami struck the southern coast of India, I was standing there by sheer coincidence. When the huge fascinating wave started forming and rolling towards the shore at a great speed, I started filming it with my camera. My camera was recording when the wave hit me squarely and I drowned. As I was rolling under water with the force of the waves, I told myself not to breathe and not to leave my camera which was firmly locked in my right hand palm. I survived, though the camera got completely damaged including the footage. I realized my strong connection with the camera, which saved me from the fear and drowning.
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