Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2007 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Utopia
Category Pusan Bank Fund
Project Utopia
Director Yiren WANG
Country China
Director's Profile In 2002, Yiren Wang participated in establishing “Changchun Movie Group” and shot his first short film “What’s the Meaning?” In 2003 he made a short film independently called “Po Wu” (a Chinese custom in the Spring festival). In 2005 he makes a feature documentary called “From Chrysalis to Butterfly.” This film was accepted to Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival, the 4th China Documentary Film Festival and the 4th China Independent Film Festival.
The film tells a compelling story of three mentally challenged couples from “Fool’s Village” located in the outskirts of Jilin City, who are living in a Utopian society.
Director's Note
I took a very long walk on a village road and reached “Qingshan Joint-Anti-Poverty Group” also known as “Fool’s Village”. In this village forty mentally disabled people lived a collective life. A few decades ago there was a village with poor sanitation and contaminated water. People from this village suffered Keshan disease and many of these patients gave birth to mentally disabled children. These children became a social problem. So in 1986, local governments and health departments organized a “Joint Anti-Poverty Group” and form this small village. Twenty years later, the “Fool’s Village” has become a collective farm. They have to work together and share the fruits of their labor . a “Utopia” style of life. Even though they can not be considered normal, they have the same normal emotions of loving and being loved as ordinary people.
2008 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle

2008 Beijing Independent Film Festival

2008 Taiwan International Documentary Festival
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