Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2007 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Inter View (aka. The 5th Eye)
Category Uni Korea Fund
Project Inter View (aka. The 5th Eye)
Director MI Young
Country Korea
Director's Profile MI Young graduated from Korea University majoring in German Literature. She is currently in Canada studying film at Concordia University. Her previous works, "Monjihe Jib" (Dust House, 1999) and "Monji, Sabukeul Mulda" (2002) have screened at Indie-Forum and the Pusan International Film Festival.
The director, MI Young, opens a photography class in Nepal for children who are employed as child laborers. The class is designed to encourage children to take pictures of their environment. From time to time, the director becomes the subject of their photographs. The central force of this documentary, is the interaction between the filmmaker and the children, and how they have struggled to discover a visual mode of communication.
Director's Note
Through this project I want to convey the children’s point of view, my point of view and my camera’s point of view. I would like to explore more points of view in between or even beyond them by separating, juxtaposing, and mingling all of these points of view together.
2009 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
Still Cut