Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2007 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Naming Me
Category OKF Fund
Project Naming Me
Director HAN Seungeuk
Country Korea
Director's Profile HAN Seungeuk has written, directed, and produced short films. He has also written four feature length scripts. In 2006, he was awarded first place at the OKF Scenario Competition for "ChunJa Case".
What is the meaning of a “name?” Asian immigrant families living in America (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese) are the subjects of this documentary. This documentary exposes and contemplates the constant struggle for identity that Asians confront everyday with fundamental issues such as naming conventions between generations, American perceptions of Asians with American names, and tensions between the motherland and America.
Director's Note
"Naming Me" is an effort to contemplate the identity and immigrants in a multicultural society through their names. The centerpiece of this documentary will be the names of the immigrants, and what those names mean to them.
Completed in 2008
Still Cut