Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2008 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Disorder (aka. Now is the Future of the Past)
Category Pusan Bank Fund
Project Disorder (aka. Now is the Future of the Past)
Director Weikai HUANG
Country China
Director's Profile Weikai HUANG, born 1972 in China's Guangdong Province, graduated from the Chinese Art Dept. of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In 2002 he began to devote himself to independent filmmaking. His documentary film, [Floating](2005) won the New Filmmaker Award at the 3rd reel China Documentary Biennial, [Meishi Street](2006) was invited to the 10th Istanbul International Film Festival in Turkey, and [San Yuan Li](2003) was invited to the 50th Venice Biennial.
China's cities are booming and there is only one word to describe the present social situation, disorder. This film integrates more than 20 unique urban events, such as a man who hasn't received indemnity threatening suicide, a lunatic joyfully dancing in the middle of traffic, pigs running wildly on a highway, pedestrians risking their lives to cross a busy street, a conflict over counterfeit money, the discovery of a cultural relic on a construction site, and a polluted river where official representatives swim, a determined laborer fishes, and an escaped alligator hides.
Director's Note
All the material of this movie is collected from the lots of DV amateurs. The director remixed them and composed a symphony of each of the city's interwoven sounds. .
2009 Cinema du Reel International Documentary Film Festival - Jury Special Prize
2009 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
2009 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival - New Asian Current Section
2009 Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival - Special Jury Prize
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