Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2008 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project The Passion
Category PanStar Fund
Project The Passion
Director Byamba SAKHYA
Country Mongolia
Director's Profile Born in 1962, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. After studying at the All Russian State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, he taught students at Film Art School in Ulaanbaatar. Since 1998, he has worked as an Independent filmmaker. He has also worked as director and cameraman of different TV programs. His works include [Winter Melody](2003) and [Perpetuum Mobile](2002).
Being the most celebrated and honored artist, Jigjid could not realize his true talent under the political sensor. Full of contradictions and compromises, Jigjid’s career as a distinguished film director of socialist ideology ended abruptly as a party driven system transformed into democratic principles, a market economy and declaration of artistic freedom. Meanwhile, his son Binder’s future is marked by freedom and inspiration. However, new challenges face Binder. To survive in the market-driven society he is producing extremely low-budget commercial films, while dreaming about magnificent creations.
Director's Note
[The Passion] tells the story of a complex relationship between artists and the system, and the impact of social and political transition on individual destiny. Using the unique ability of cinema to travel between times and characters, the author’s personal narration reveals the contradictory destiny of two generations of Mongolian filmmakers. Through their journeys across a period of rapid social change, father and son draw us into the universal theme of the human passion for creative expression.
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