Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2009 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Memories of Daechuri
Category YoungSan Fund
Project Memories of Daechuri
Director JUNG Il-gun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Since 2003, Jung has been working at Purun Media. He directed [Daechuri War] (2006), a documentary about the expansion of the Pyeongtaek Air Force base in 2006, and is currently preparing [Memories of Daechuri], the third film of the Daechuri Series, with filmmaker Kim Joon-ho who made [Old Man and the Land] (2008).
In May, 2006, after the forced demolition by the Ministry of National Defense, people who wanted to protect Daechuri moved to the village. While living in an empty house, we did farm work and drank with the villagers. What did they want to protect in the disappearing village?
Director's Note
In May, 2006, a village disappeared from the map. Daechuri, which was planned to become an Air Force base, was like an isolated island. What did people do amidst continuous surveillance, control, and threat of dismantle? The film is a communal memory of Daechuri which no longer exists.
2009 Pusan International Film Festival - Wide Angle
Still Cut