Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Intimations of a Rebellion
Category DongSeo Asia Fund
Project Intimations of a Rebellion
Director Sanjay KAK
Country India
Director's Profile Sanjak Kak is a self-taught filmmaker, based in New Delhi, where he is actively involved in the documentary film movement, and in the Campaign against Censorship. Kak is an independent documentary filmmaker whose recent work reflects interests in ecology, alternatives, and resistance politics. His films include Jashn-e-Azadi (we celebrate freedom after the conflict in Kashmir 2007), Words on Water (the struggle against the Narmada dams in central India), and In the Forest Hangs a Bridge (making of a 1,000 ft bridge of cane and bamboo in northern east India). In 2008 his installation A Shrine to the Future: The Memory of a Hill about the mining of bauxite in the Niyamgiri hills of Orissa was shown at Manifesta7, the European Biennale of Art.
As a shiny new India appears, hunger takes the place of an economic super-power. From its forested heart, we hear the drumbeat of war… The search for land, minerals and water has drawn the world’s corporations ever deeper into these forests –hit a roadblock. Led by guerillas of the underground ‘Maoist’, some of India’s poorest are digging in for a fight. Back and forth, bullets and body counts already ricochet, tapping out an alarming message. About a civil war that pits some of India’s most disadvantaged people, backed by the Maoists, against some of its richest corporations, backed by the Government. The home of Gandhi, of satyagraha, of non-violent resistance, India, known as the largest democracy in the world, is poised to take its place in the ranks of the Great Powers.
Director's Note
The impending war in the tribal’s areas of central India straddles several worlds at once, and brings together sets of people separated by centuries of disconnect. It’s the enormity of that distance itself, and the force with which they are brought together, that provide us an opportunity to pause, and reflect on the very fundamentals of change, to think of social and political transformation, and indeed on what the future holds for us.
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