Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project The Cat with a Million Lives (百万回生きた猫)
Category PUFS Fund
Project The Cat with a Million Lives (百万回生きた猫)
Director KOTANI Tadasuke
Country Japan
Director's Profile Kotani Tadasuke was born in 1977 in Osaka, a prefecture of Japan. He graduated from the Visual Arts College Osaka and taught film making at his school. And now, he is a free director of the feature films and also documentary films. His film Lullaby (2002) received the Runner-up prize in competition of the Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival. Good Girl (2006) was invited to the 28th PIA FILM FESTIVAL. His first documentary film LINE (2008) was invited to the Tokyo special screening on Yamagata International Documentary movie side, selected by Punto de Vista Film Festival, the Kassel Film & Video Festival, Torino Film Festival and invited to the Nippon KOMA Film Festival.
SANO Yoko, picture novelist and essayist, is 70 years old now. She was diagnosed with cancer and told her days were numbered. Now she is cherishing her every sing day - days without big adventure, days just ordinary. Her most well-known piece, ‘The Cat with a Million Lives’ was published 33 years ago. The novel with the great insight of love and life is still popular in Japan and has penetrated each reader’s life. The camera captured the image of the people who read it out and talk about the life and death and Yoko whose days are numbered. They are connected only by the picture novel. The camera tried to find a sign of Yoko’s final destination and her existing life in Tokyo, Milan and Peking where Yoko has been.
Director's Note
‘The Cat with a Million Lives’ has been a long-time best seller picture novel more than 30 years in Japan. This film is the story about life and death through the picture novelist Yoko Sano and ‘The Cat with a Million Lives’ readers surround.
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