Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project 5 Broken Cameras (Hams camerat mohtmat)
Category Busan Bank Fund
Project 5 Broken Cameras (Hams camerat mohtmat)
Director Emad BURNAT & Guy DAVIDI
Country Palestine, Israel, France
Director's Profile Emad Burnat is a Palestinian freelance cameraman. His experience includes filming for TV channels such as Al-Jazeera. He worked constantly with Reuters and filmed footage for several documentaries such as Bil’in Habibti, Palestine Kids, Open Close and Interrupted Streams. Guy Davidi is an Israeli documentary filmmaker and cinema teacher. He is directing, editing, and shooting films since the age of 16. As a cameraman, he shot films such as Journal d’une Orange for France3. As an editor, he edited Pandora’s Box for Israel channel 2. After directing several short films, notably In Working Progress and A Gift from Heaven participated in dozens of film festivals around the world. His first feature-length film as a director Interrupted Streams was presented in Cinema-South Film Festival and Jerusalem Film Festival.
Emad is a Palestinian cameraman who decides to film the struggle against the separation wall in his village. He documents the strikes on his personal life due to the punishment actions of Israel; side-to-side to filming his children grows. Daily arrests, night raids scare his family, his brothers are arrested and sent to prison, his second friend is shot dead, finally he is arrested and even has a deadly car accident right in the route of the wall and from which he barley survives. One Camera after another, each unfolds another part of the story. His story is a story of resistance.
Director's Note
Emad Burnat_It's been 5 years since I started to film the struggle against the land robbing and the wall initiated in my village. I documented my friends, family and myself probably as other parents and friends do. It was only when the oppression started to penetrate the social relations inside my village - through the night invasions, the arrests and daily threats at our lives and our houses - that what was personal and what was social became so mixed, I was unable to say this happened to me or this happened to my village. Guy Davidi_Many People tend to put aside their own private experiences while taking part in a collective struggle for justice. When I met Emad, I felt that the real story of this resistance is his own.
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