Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Playing with Nan
Category Pusan Bank Fund
Project Playing with Nan
Director Dipesh KHAREL, SAITO Asami
Country Nepal, Japan
Director's Profile Dipesh Kharel is a filmmaker/ethnographer. He has a Master in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development from Pokhara University in Nepal and has studied Master of Philosophy in Visual Cultural Documentary film at University of Tromso in Norway. He has specialized on ethnographic/documentary film. His MPhil Ethnographic fieldwork has resulted in the text ‘Heavy loads toward a better life’ and the film A Life with Slate. This film has already screened at many international film festivals and won the several prizes. Recently, he has been doing visual ethnography of Nepali immigrant in Japan. Saito Asami studied ethnographic research and film at University of Tromso in Norway. She has edited several documentary films. Now she is working at Media Help Line in Nepali filmmaker/ film editor.
Twenty-eight years ago, Ram was born at a rural village in Nepal named ‘Phasku’. From the cattle and farms works in village, Ram did not see any hope apart from surviving in the poor condition. One day he decided to escape from the village and his family poverty. In Kathmandu, he worked for 12 years at several restaurants in different positions. However, he could not bring a revolution in his family situation which he wanted. He heard a beautiful story from the broker about the work and earning opportunities in Japan. Then, he paid the broker 20,000 US dollars to buy work visa to enter in Japan. He has owed that money from his relatives and friends with the commitment of paying back them later with additional 20 % interest. There are several dramatic consequences have occurred within Ram’s life and his family’s after his migration to Japan.
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