Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Tour of Duty
Category YoungSan Fund
Project Tour of Duty
Director KIM Dong-Ryung, PARK Kyoung-Tae
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in Busan, Park Kyoung-Tae got interested in the image movement when he was university student, major in sociology at Dongguk University. He worked for My Sister’s Place, an organization for the rights of the prostitutes’ living within the US military camp town in Korea. He directed Me and the Owl (2002), a documentary about prostitutes in the camp town and There is (2006) about Amerasians in Korea. And he also co-directed A Nice Place in 2009. He is currently conducting a research on the oral history and also working on his next documentary. KIM Dong-Ryung graduated from Korean Academy of Film Arts in 2002. She directed American Alley (2008), a feature-length documentary about foreign women working as entertainers in the US military camp town. She also directed Alice in Wonderland (2008) and Lost and Found (2004). She is currently based in France and studying film theories and experimental films.
"You, foreigner’s whore, where are you going? Look at her high heels, she’s gonna see her Yankee darling." The film looks over a poor and abandoned village in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province in 2010. The gaze of the camera goes by the reflections of the water tank upon the Dongdu stream, and passes through the streets of exotic clubs, to arrive at the very same camp town in Tennessee, Texas in USA just like the one in Korea. The film tells you about women and their Amerasian children who had never been officially registered, and residents who had earned the money in camp town. Don’t dare to judge their lives. You will be ashamed of yourself to criticize their lives but to remain silent. Let’s hear the stories of people who already left or still stay in the camp town.
Director's Note
Northern Gyeonggi area was a symbol of division of the Korean peninsula. And also for Seoul residents, it is considered as one of the vacation spots or investment. Northern Gyeonggi took its shape when the US forces were dispatched to South Korea after the Korean War. More precisely, Dongducheon area was the biggest red-light district in East Asia until the Vietnam War broke out. Tour of Duty will recall you the history of the northern part of Gyeonggi Province along with the life of residents in the US military camp town. The past 60 years’ history will be reconstructed through its topography and space itself rather than interviews with the residents. Also, memories of residents, Amerasians and entertainers who used to belong to this place will throw you a question. What is the US military camp town like in your memory?
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