Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Anxiety
Category KyungSung Fund
Project Anxiety
Director MIN Hwan-ki
Country Korea
Director's Profile Min Hwan-ki studied film theory at the graduate school of arts in Chung-Ang University. Also he majored in film directing at Korean Academy of Film Arts and CALARTS school of Film/Video in USA. His works include two short films such as Here to Here (2000), Los Angeles: A Graveyard (2001) and two documentaries such as Play It Again (2004) and Sogyumo Acacia Band's Story (2009).
After quitting so-called dream jobs at Naver, Daum and Samsung Electronics in Korea, some of young men established a social enterprise, Orgdot. Orgdot produces eco-friendly clothings and pursues the value of the ethical fashion through fair payment to sewing workers and job security to young designers. Members of Orgdot understand well that they should survive first in the industry to have a positive ripple effect on the society. That’s the reason why they have been tolerating low wages and extra working hours. But the payment was delayed, their products fell short of the customers’ expectations, and then some of them got to take diverse measures in the doubts that the original value they peruse could be really achieved.
Director's Note
This is a story about young people who prefer meaning of the work to material comforts and also story about their hardship to achieve their dream. Through the business, they realize what does mean the money, the value, the relationship between consumers and workers and the way of the world that they live in.
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