Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Let the River Flow
Category Hyowon Fund
Project Let the River Flow
Director KANG Se-Jin, KAUH E.J.
Country Korea
Director's Profile KANG Se-Jin finished documentary course in Japan Academy of Moving Images and has been working at Purun Media since 2009. In that same year, he directed Am I Good?, a documentary about mentally handicapped children learning how to create images. He joined in the Truth of River Project and is directing the segment of Nakdong River. KAUH E.J. graduated from the New School for Drama in New York, major in directing. She has been working at Purun Media since 2009. She edited the film about one study room in Bongcheon-dong, The Children and joined in the Truth of River Project as a co-director.
Under the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, organic farmers in the Paldang region were being forced to relocate. Two Famers in Paldang Organic Farming Village, No Tae-hwan and Lee Gang-jae were really busy participating in Paldang joint task force and doing farming work. Faced with unexpected difficulties, they were under threat of giving up on their own land. The plan to build the Young-Joo dam was decided and Keum-Kang village was designated as a submerged area. Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-Water) took every measure to make villagers to accept the Young-Joo dam project; then it divided the villagers of the Committee against the Young-Joo Dam Construction into two parts. The elders of the village decided to relocate although Jang Jin-soo, who newly returned to farming, tried to reinforce activities of the committee. At Keum-Kang village, the villagers are doing now their last farming before the dam construction.
Director's Note
The city life is full of hustle and bustle and doesn’t allow us to have time to think about what Four Major Rivers Restoration Project really is. When we get to the actual construction site, we can see the true nature of this project. With Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, the environment will be destroyed and the villages around are in danger of being submerged. We want to show the impact of this project on people’s life.
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