Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project No Name Stars
Category Distribution Support Fund
Project No Name Stars
Director KIM Taeil
Country Korea
Director's Profile As a member of PURN Production, a documentary production circle, KIM has produced documentaries about the recent history of Korea like [A Mother](1995) and [April 9](2000). KIM won Woonpa Award at 2005 PIFF with [Annyong, Sayonara](2005), he continues to make documentaries observing the history of people.
This year is the 30th anniversary of the Gwangju Democratization Movement. Though the country commemorates the event as the official historical records, it does not include any 'real' accounts of the people who experienced it firsthand. The students who were part of the movement; the female vendors who made rice balls for the students; the female high school students cooked at the government building; now, past their middle age, they live as ordinary citizens in Gwangju city. How is the event remembered by these people? The memories of the event are not a forgotten past but still reside even till today. On the one hand the film re-enacts the resistance and on the other hand it portrays the past and present of the people, through interviews, who partook in the movement. It unravels the official history through private memories and again through collective memories. The film conveys the paradox of people's fading memory of the event while telling the tale remembered by history. This film is a journey, created in an effort to remember the people who survived this historical event. (HONG Hyosook)
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