Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2010 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Dream Factory
Category Distribution Support Fund
Project Dream Factory
Director KIM Sung-kyun
Country Korea
Director's Profile After participated in feature film [The Beauty in Dream](2002) and a short film, [A Vital Activity](2004) as a staff, KIM made a documentary for RTV, [Dreaming another World](2008). His documentary [Guitar](2009) was about the relationship of a musician and a laid-off worker.
Do you know the country that makes the legendary guitar brands, ‘Fender,’ ‘Gibson’, and ‘Ibanez’? The answer is Korea. It’s Cort/Cor-tek Korea. The film is about Daejeon Cor-tek workers and their struggles. Holding on to their dreams from their youth, of becoming a technician, a comedian, a ballerina, and a nun, they enter a different profession. There are workers at the factory who have worked for at least 10 years and over 20 years. One day, with a notice saying ‘all work suspended until further notice’, they are suddenly jobless and it was the beginning of the struggle for 4 years to be reinstated. The effects of their struggle trickles down to the indie musicians and even causes problems at international instrument exhibitions in countries like Germany, Japan and America. This film shed light on the world of music, the instrument and its creator, its merchant, the musicians who buy and play these instruments and ultimately the choices we make within this framework. “Would a musician purchase a guitar made in unjust labor conditions?” This raises next question, “would we purchase goods made in unjust labor conditions?” (HONG Hyosook)
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