Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Song of Life
Category Busan Film Commission Fund
Project Song of Life
Director KIM Tae-il
Country Korea
Director's Profile Kim has been working at Purun Media, and is currently making historical films related to modern and contemporary history. He made [Special Song of Wonjin Factory] (1993), [A Mother] (1995), [April 9] (2000), and [Annyong, Sayonara] (2005). His recent film [No Name Stars] (2010) was supported by AND for both production and distribution and invited to numerous film fesivals around the world.
Since the early 1990s, Cambodia has seen the increasing development of rubber plantations. In the suburban districts, illegal logging is still carried out. Forests are cleared to make way for plantations, leading to the destruction of the native landscape, and the degradation of its people. Dominated by the capital of the West, this land is controlled from the outside.
Director's Note
Indochina went through 80 years of colonialism and almost 40 years of civil war. Across the region, no one can put aside their memories of war, and even living a humble life becomes a luxury for the poor, who suffered the most. [Song of Life] captures the beauty in the daily lives of people for whom life is an enduring struggle. I wanted to show their lives and histories beyond the poverty, against a backdrop of culture and emotion.
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