Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project 1818Bus
Category KyungSung Fund
Project 1818Bus
Director KIM Sunghwan
Country Korea
Director's Profile Kim Sunghwan won prizes at a number of photography festivals after graduating high school. Following university, he has worked for the documentary studio, Docupurn, directing [The Dong River Flows] and [Dream Of Jong Tea Kim]. In 2004, his film [Save the Sungmi Mountain] won the Grand Prix at Green Film Festival in Seoul. Since then he has settled down in Wonju, Gangwon province, and has continued making documentaries for television. He has also founded a documentary club, Namu (Tree) and organizes film screenings once a month. He has now produced [1818Bus].
Activists of Beyond School, a teenager-deschooling network, purchase a police bus at a public sale. They customize it for the purpose of deschooling teenagers and helping them to find their own path of self-discovery. Three activists and 18 18-year-olds from all across the country take a trip together known as the ‘Sympathy Wander’. Under the theme of ‘self-supporting economy’, they find jobs for themselves and work together for nearly 300 days. Will they find their own way during their journey? What do they want to find? Their journey will give us cause to rethink our current educational system.
Director's Note
‘We who are pursuing a new path of learning', 'teenagers who couldn’t adjust to school and left it behind’… Is it a troublemaker or a revolutionary who rejects the current educational system? Upon leaving school, teenagers are deprived of their educational benefits and rights. But they continue their journey to find their own ways in the world. Will they find a way that we haven’t yet found? I am concerned less with school, and more in this stage of human development.
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