Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project The Omnivore
Category YoungSan Fund
Project The Omnivore
Director HWANG Yun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Hwang Yun directed [Farewell] (2001), which documented the lives of wild animals trapped in zoos. The film won the award of excellence at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Woonpa Award at Busan International Film Festival and the Audience Award at Seoul Independent Film Festival. [Farewell] was also screened at numerous international film festivals including the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Hwang expanded on her themes in the follow-up documentaries, [Silent Forest] and [One Day on That Road]. She continues to make films that use an ecological perspective to reflect on the ironies of modern civilization.
One day last winter, I saw pigs infected by foot-and-mouth disease buried alive in a farm near my house. It was then that I decided to follow the lives of two pigs. As I documented their lives and watched them grow, I discovered new dimensions to the animals, which I couldn’t have imagined before. The more I learned about these intelligent and wonderful animals and about their treatment within the livestock industry, the more I hesitated before eating the pork cutlets, sweet and sour pork or pork hocks that I loved before. What will I do now?
Director's Note
In 2011, foot-and-mouth disease has led to the mass cull of 3.5 million cattle and pigs. When we add the number of poultry destroyed, 10 million animals have been buried alive in an attempt to stop the virus spreading. People cared less that these animals were buried alive and suffered, and more about the contamination of ground water. I drew inspiration from our indifference to other creatures. I wonder if the huge social impact of the outbreak will serve as a warning to our current habits, where our unsustainable desire for meat results in producers raising animals in increasingly close confinement.
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