Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Pylon Village
Category Dong-Eui Cinema Fund
Project Pylon Village
Director KIM Dae-hwang
Country Korea
Director's Profile Kim Dae-hwang is a graduate of Film Studies and currently a student of Media & Visual Technology at Dong-Eui University. His short films, [Happy Melody] and [My Heart Beats] were invited to several film festivals including Busan International Short Film Festival. In 2010, Kim directed one part of the omnibus feature film, [Jail], with the support of the Busan Film Commission. He also co-directed a documentary about critics, [Searching for Lee Jeong-ha] and now shooting [Pylon Village], a documentary about the only squatters in Busan.
The inhabitants of the Pylon Village are always worrying about being moved on by the redevelopment program. It’s been decades since they settled down here, but they are still living in unauthorized housing. The original owner of this area, Pusan University of Foreign Studies, wants to resolve the conflict with them before the relocation of its campus in 2012. Residents have not yet given up all hope that everything will be alright, but still they feel unsettled and shed tears of despair. Nevertheless, they have vowed to protest any attempt to displace the village. The villagers each lead their own separate lives, but all keep planting and sowing on land they call home, as if willing their hopes and wishes to take root on the barren earth.
Director's Note
In downtown Busan, the city has become more urbanized and is filled with noise. The blue sky is obscured by the concrete beams of buildings that rise high into the air, each vying with the other for supremacy. There is a village on the hillside, known as Pylon Village, where the noise of machines resonates particularly loudly. 70 people in 53 families live together here. In the village, hopes have been raised and dashed time and time again. When will they be allowed to settle down in the village? All I want is to be able to see everything in this village for a long time.
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