Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Where Your Boundaries Are
Category DMZ Fund
Project Where Your Boundaries Are
Director Nontawat NUMBENCHAPOL
Country Thailand
Director's Profile Nontawat Numbenchapol graduated from the Visual Communication Design Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Rungsit University. In his third year, he had to do an art thesis. Tired of painting and creating graphics in class and compounded by a desire to make films, he tried to find ways to combine graphic design and filmmaking. The result is the documentary film [Weirdrosopher World], a collage of skateboarding videos set to music and interviews with spectators. The film was supported by GTH, one of the largest film studios in Thailand and Thunska Pansittivorakul, an acclaimed independent filmmaker. Following graduation, Nontawat now works as a movie stills photographer. He also continues making his own films, sending them to film festivals around the world.
In April 2011, a small documentary production team went to Sisaket province, which borders Oddar Meancheay and Preah Vihear of Cambodia, to film their latest project. Aod, the main character, was born in Sisaket. He used to be a soldier in the southern region and was also sent off to disperse the red shirt mob in Bangkok. Aod can speak Khmer and crosses the border to Cambodia from time to time in order to meet his Cambodian girlfriend, but since the border dispute he now has problems in reaching her. The film crew travelled to Khantaralak District, where the Preah Vihear conflict took place, and saw things that most Thai people could not, but their journey was not yet over. They planned to visit the border again, but this time, from the Cambodian side...
Director's Note
One verse in the Thai national anthem goes: "Thais are peace-loving, but no cowards at war". It is believed by many people, including by myself in the past, that we are a peaceful country, whose people lead a humble life. However, as I have got older, I have grown to doubt it. Many things happened in my country. The unrest in the south, the coup d'état, the yellow shirts, the red shirts and the Thai-Cambodia border dispute. In 2011, the border, which hundreds of years ago didn’t even exist, became a battlefield. Peaceful villages were torn apart by a conflict caused by those who lived in the capital hundreds of kilometers away. That was when I decided to make this documentary, with which I hope at least to make people see the other side of what happened.
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