Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Money and Honey
Category Distribution Support Fund
Project Money and Honey
Director LEE Ching-Hui
Country Taiwan
Director's Profile Documentarian Jasmine Ching-Hui Lee has been making films since 1996 and she is currently an assistant professor at Dayeh University in Taiwan. Her filmography includes [Where Is My Home?] (1999), [The Ballads of Grandmothers] (2003), and [City of Memories] (2007).
2008 AND PUFS Fund An intensely human documentary film that follows the lives of foreign women over 10years. Foreign women workers in a Taiwan hospice for the elderly are there to provide for their families. They comfort themselves by singing a self-mocking song said ‛No money, no honey’. Their greatest source of sadness is being foreign to their families in their own countries. Foreign women workers work for 3 years, the duration of a contract. During the 3 years they work with almost no days off. And what awaits these women is an awkward family reunion. After using all the money they’ve earned, these women head for foreign lands again by spending a fortune. They work for the family’s future but can’t see that future themselves, and can’t share familial love with them. [Money and Honey] chronicles the women’s hard work and family affairs, which are much harder than the work; their strength and unwillingness to giving up hope are affecting. (CHO Young-jung)
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