Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Vanishing Spring Light
Category Distribution Support Fund
Project Vanishing Spring Light
Director YU Xun
Country China/Canada
Director's Profile YU Xun studied Film Production at The Arts University College in Bournemouth, UK, and later earned a Master’s Degree from Concordia University in Montréal. He initially worked as a cinematographer in the UK and Canada. [The Vanishing Spring Light] is his directorial debut. His cinematography credits include award winning shorts such as [On the Way to the Sea] (2010, Top Ten Shorts of the Year by Toronto IFF; Prix Special Du Jury at Clermont-Ferrand, France 2011); [For Wendy] (2008, Best Cinematography - Student Showcase, Toronto IFF); [Singularity] (2008, Best Cinematography - Kodak Educational Award, North America).
In a town set to vanish with redevelopment, a grandmother has a pleasant chat sitting in an alley as she often does, but she suffers a stroke and loses what little freedom she had. Conflict between her children deepens at her bedside, prompting reflection on her past in a startling portrait of honesty in the face of death. The first film of four-part project, [The Vanishing Spring Light] records a formerly splendid city on the verge of disappearing forever. Rather than just the city, this film records the final days of the grandmother, who is in the same fate with the city. The more palsied her body becomes, the more her memories are brought back, and more clearly. She confesses her memories, which are about toil and moil for the sake of her five children and she sorts through her lives for the camera. Facing the death of grandmother, the children’s conflict is frankly revealed. As a communion between a director standing behind the camera and the grandmother gets closer, this film transforms into a stunning human drama. (CHO Young-jung)
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