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2011 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Jam Dacu KANGJUNG
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Project Jam Dacu KANGJUNG
Director Jung Yun-seok, KIM Taeil, CHOI Jin Sung, CHOI Hadongha, KYUNG Soon, YANG Donggyu, KWON Hyo, HONG Hyungsook, Chon Seungil
Country Korea
Director's Profile Jung Yun-seok

KIM Taeil
As a member of PURN Production, a documentary production circle, KIM has produced documentaries about the recent history of Korea like [A Mother](1995) and [April 9](2000). KIM won Woonpa Award at 2005 PIFF with [Annyong, Sayonara](2005), he continues to make documentaries observing the history of people.

CHOI Jin Sung
Choi Jin-sung directed the documentaries such as [Fuckumentary](2001), [Their own World Cup](2002), and several shorts [Hitch Hiking)(2004), [Camellia Project]’s one episode [Kim Chu-ja](2004). He directed a short [Curry and Rice Story] and a documentary [Erotic Chaos Boy] and now he co-writes the scenario of [Dasepo Girl](working title).

He was a member of a cinematheque 'Film Gongbang' in 1994 and completed documentary titled [A Short Film about Lovelornness] in 1996. [High Hill](2003) was screened in PIFF and Cinéma du Réel in France.

Documentarian Kyungsun is noted for her astute criticism and social exploration of the democratic movement, jingoism, the family structure, and the work of Truth Commission. She is currently in post-production on Red Maria, which focuses on Asian working women. Her films include [Mindullae](1999), [Patriot Games](2001), [What Do People Live For?] (2004), and [Shocing Family](2006).

YANG Donggyu
YANG Donggyu studied photography, and at one time worked for an NGO where he became interested in the construction of the Jeju Naval Base. He is currently developing a documentary on the lives of Jeju’s famous diving women, the Haenyue. His films include [평화의설렘으로한반도를만나다] (2006) and [One Day of the Peace Island] (2008).

Kwon Hyo began his career by taking the independent documentary productioncourse at the MidAct Institute. He once worked in television as producer on Open the World by Mediaand is currently focusing on the comfort woman documentary production, [그리고싶은것], and media education.

HONG Hyungsook
Born in 1962, Hong Hyungsook began her film career as a documentary filmmaker in 1987, producing such labor-issue oriented work as [Battle Line] and [54 Days of that Summer]. She received the Best Documentary Award at the 1st Seoul Documentary Film and Video Festival with her [Doomealee], [A New School is Opening]. Her next film, [On-Line: an Inside View of Korean Independent Film], a documentary on the anguish and self reflective nature of Korean independent filmmakers, was invited to both Berlin and Amsterdam Film Festival. The recipient of Best Korean Documentary Award at the 3rd PIFF with her [Reclaiming Our Names].

Chon Seungil
Chon participated in short animations such as Tomorrow Human(1994), Circulation(1995) We Love You(1997), Mimesis TV-episode 1(2000), Cosmic Tree(2003), Cold Blood(2004) since 1992. Memory of May which is a music animation on the Gwangju Democratization Movement, was selected as the opening film of the 2007 Seoul Independent Film Festival.
Jeju Island. A favorite vacation spot and a place to be remembered. Despite this, an announcement is made that a navy base will be built at KangJung, a little village on the terrific island. Villagers resistant to this happening begin their fight. When Jeju-born film critic Yang Yoon-mo’s hunger strike is on Tweeter, it leads to a rash of movie professionals visiting and encouraging him. Among them are eight documentary directors, who capture the villagers’ struggles and daily lives on camera for one hundred days. One Jeju-born director creates a photographic chronicle with primary school students; indie ands play their music and mount unique performances; a participating filmmaker and his son develop a deep relationship with an elderly village caretaker; yet another conveys its atmosphere through the cultural-politicals patializing of a supermarket as a life center. This work is a documentary jam concert that helps the viewer sense how society operates. (HONG Hyosook)
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